MGB Crankshaft, Conrods


5 Bearing


MGB 5 Bearing fully modified crankshaft

(Billet crankshaft availible on request)



5 Bearing
Carrillo Con Rod Set


MGB 5 Bearing - Carrillo Con Rod Set


Steel Main
Bearing Caps Set


MGB steel main bearing caps set.
Set of 3 main bearing caps no's 2,3 & 4.
These caps provide secure location for the crankshaft at high rpm. The centre main cap will need matching to your block, and all caps will need line boring once in position.


Crankshaft Pulley
Damper -Competition


MGB 5 Bearing Competition crankshaft pulley and damper. A precision made race damper with steel/rubber/steel construction. Timing marks are machined into the outer ring. An essential component on a competition engine for smooth running and extended life.